Lets get introduced

Hello lovely people!!

Everybody needs a break from the usual routine to pamper our souls a little. The ideas and the motives can be different depending upon our likes but one thing remains common for everyone- Traveling gives happiness 🙂

My idea of traveling is absorbing the energy and culture of the place instead of just checking off the places.

More than I have enjoyed breaking the system while testing the software, I take pleasure in blending with the nature.

Why Trailz N Tales?

All of us have a favorite part which makes us feel good and rejuvenate ourselves. For me it is- Traveling and giving life to the stories in my words. With this blog , I bring to you my experiences of exploring the beauty and the various tales on my road and off my road. This blog has all that you would require to plan a trip seamlessly to a destination.

Lets come together and make traveling more fun, knowledgeable and adventurous for each other. Because when we travel we unwind, empathy develops in and beautiful souls emerge. And the world definitely needs more of such people!!