The double decker root bridge trek

The double decker root bridge trek

When I had started thinking of traveling to Meghalaya…my mind had already started picturing the greenery and the falls. But believe me this is a beauty beyond imagination. And the living root bridges at this place are bound to leave you in awe.

There are a number of living root bridges in Cherrapunji, but the two bridges stacked over each other are a unique blend of nature’s gift and man’s efforts. A bliss for trekkers, this requires a good amount of strength to traverse 3000 steps one way.

While planning your trip to Cherrapunji, keep an entire day for this trek and schedule it possibly towards the end of your trip. The reason I say so is because your legs would definitely make some music after the trek. Having said that, this trek is not to be missed while in Cherrapunji because the entire trek is mesmerizing.

This is a completely do it yourself trek , so you can very politely say a no to the guides at the entrance.

How to reach: The double decker bridge is in Nogriat village. Stay in Cherrapunji the day you have planned for the trek. Take a taxi to the village.

Duration of the trek : It takes about 5-6 hours to complete the trek. Start early to keep up with the sun.

After politely refusing the guides at the entrance, I took a trekking stick from the local villagers at the minimal rent of 20 Rs and started my stroll. The stairs are like a beautiful sketch in between the green beauty on both the sides which took me to the first beauty-  living roots single bridge.

Single root bridge in Nogriat

After witnessing this beauty, the excitement of meeting the double decker increased even more. The chirping of birds , the music of crickets and the clear water throughout the trek adds to the experience .

Crossing a couple of swinging  iron bridges with water gushing below can be an adventurous experience for some and too much of a thrill for others, but the strength of the bridges has been trusted for years now. So just feel that music of water and keep walking towards the double decker.

There is an unique beauty about trekking. No matter what is the level of difficulty, I always bring along something amazing. Sometimes it is spark in the people I exchange smiles with, sometimes it is inspiration even without talking, sometimes it is just the satisfaction of spell bounding beauty. On this trek, where our legs were literally shaking after a point of time, there were kids going to school taking the same route, there were kids playing up and down  like a smooth wave. And this is their daily affair!! There were some people carrying young kids on their back, others were carrying their passion (musical instruments) to make the experience worth.

After going up and down the stairs for almost 3 hours..there was it..the magnificent double decker root bridge and a natural swimming pool. While the bridge was a treat to the eyes, the dip of legs in the water felt magically soothing. I stood in complete awe trying my best to capture the beauty of double decker bridge in my lens, but no number of pictures can justify the beauty.

After spending sometime, we started our ascend and took some cucumber and water breaks to look back and celebrate the beautiful path we had covered successfully.

Do’s for the trek:

  1. Wear comfortable footwear. The trek is long so your feet needs to be smiling.
  2. Carry adequate water.
  3. Start early to keep up with the sun.

Dont’s for the trek:

There is only one and the most important. It is a very very beautiful spot, but it is sad to see it littered with plastic. Please be responsible and carry back all the plastic with you. Let’s leave the natural beauty as flawless as it is.

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