The Green Paradise- Meghalaya (Part-II)

The Green Paradise- Meghalaya (Part-II)

Meghalaya kept mesmerising us every day . You can read the first part of the beauty here-The Green Paradise- Meghalaya (Part-1)

Day 4 of the trip:

Double Decker living Root Bridge:

Yes that was the only spot for the day! I would suggest you to take this memorable trek only if you have good amount of time for your trip and also to keep it for the later part of the trip.


Why am I suggesting this is because to witness this amazing wonder of nature it is a trail of approx 7000 steps. It will take you about 6-7 hours to complete the trek. But believe me all the pain in the legs is worth it!! What amazing beauty the bridges are. Nature surprises us in the ways we cannot even imagine. Although we were so tired after the trek, but witnessing the beauty was totally worth it.

When visiting Cherrapunjee, this is a must to visit 🙂 Such a natural creation will leave you awestruck!!


But in case you cannot do this trek for any reason, there are some living root bridges near the Mawlynnong village as well.

After a thrilling day, we pampered our legs with hot water and just crashed in our beds.

Day 5 of the trip:

Mawlynnong village> Dawki> Borhill Falls > Back to Shillong

We checked out of Cherrapunji for a drive to the cleanest village of Asia. For me more than the cleanliness, the delicious food was a win. You can buy some pretty souvenirs from here and if you taste buds like fish, this is the place for you to have the scrumptious Khasi fish Thali .


Dawki is the border of India and Bangladesh with the beautiful river in between. Once an extremely clean river, now unfortunately has got a color of human insensitivity towards nature 🙁


Please be responsible and do not litter the nature. It is such a disappointment to see that we have such excitement to travel but not maintain the sanctity of the beautiful places.

After having such an amazing treat from the nature we were back to Shillong. There was more thrill to experience.

For all those looking for good food in Shillong, please head to the City Hut Restaurant. It was our choice for all the days we were in Shillong.

Day 6 of the trip:

Laitlum Canyons

Little did we know that we are going to experience a dreamland until we came to a halt at Laitlum Canyons. Meghalaya was interested to show us the power in its name. So while we witnessed the heavy downpour, hot Maggie with tea and the delicious jam rolls were icing on the cake. There is only a single stall catering at that point and the above things are a must have when you visit.

And when the rain stopped, what a mesmerizing view it was!! We could go on looking at the clouds playing with the mountains. It is for such picturesque views everywhere that Shillong is called the Scotland of the East. We could not have asked for a better wrap up from Shillong 🙂


The best time to visit Meghalaya is just after the monsoon when the beauty and the falls are on their prime. I have to stress upon wearing comfortable footwear because you will have to walk and climb a lot .

Further days of the trip:

Now that the adventure was over, we headed back to Guwahati. The cheapest and quicket mode of travel is a state bus. Please note that there are only 2 buses every day so you should check the timing beforehand. The fare is a humble 142 INR per head.

Rest of the days were spent in absorbing the thrill and joy, happiness over the fact that we could weave such memories together, talking, relaxing and playing UNO.

We did only 3 things in Guwahati- visiting Kamakhya temple, purchasing some amazing Assam saree and buying the tea.

Suggestions: Tea from the wholesale shop – Royal Tea house, DR JC Das road

Assam Saree- Silkalaya at Ganeshguri

And finally it was the time to head back to our bases. We all need some time out to a different place doing something different from our routine. Reasons for travel may be but the feeling is the same- You feel rejuvenated. And Meghalaya is a perfect place to enjoy the peace and thrill at the same time. Sometimes just connecting with your close ones at such an amazing place is the best thing you can plan. So pack your bags and give your eyes, lungs and soul some treat!!


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  1. wow..Beautiful clicks <3 The energy of the place can be felt through the pics and the blog.Pure and serene. Wish to go there some day.

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