The Green Paradise- Meghalaya (Part-1)

The Green Paradise- Meghalaya (Part-1)

I  wanted to visit north east for a long time and finally the planning in my notepad turned into action in April 2018. After a lot of research about north east I packed along my two dearest buddies and booked flight tickets to Guwahati. Since I was meeting my busy married friends after ages and we had a lot to talk and hear, we planned for leisure of 10 days 🙂

Our Day 1 was flying from Delhi to Guwahati and transfer to Shillong because we could not wait to experience the beauty.

Nearest Airport to Shillong– Guwahati

Quickest and easily available mode of transfer to Shillong– There is a Meghalaya Tourism counter inside the airport on arrival. They have comfortable traveler with a fare of 400 INR per head.

Travel time– approx 4-5 hours

The route from Guwahati to Shillong is beautiful and your lungs will definitely start thanking you as you step in the green paradise . On the way you can have a look at Umiam lake so that you don’t have to come back for it.

All the taxis have the last stop as Police Bazaar from where you can get a taxi to your accommodation. There are intercity buses as well but advisable only if you have no luggage J the taxis will charge a min of 100 INR . And I don’t know if it was only me or anyone would be delighted to see only Maruti 800 running like a rock star on the roads there. Narrow lanes, steep slopes they were a hero on the entire trip.

Our accommodation in Shillong: Though there are a lot of accommodation options, we chose Ha Sharing guest house which is owned by a lovely couple and situated at a walking distance from the market. They serve requested breakfast for each guest and are very punctual about their time J

Tip: Call them directly to get good deal on the rooms.

Meeting the friends after so long replaces the fatigue with excitement; hence we quickly put on our shoes to explore the cafes of Shillong.

After trying many cafes, Café Shillong was the one that satisfied our taste buds and gave us pep for the rest of the night.

Day 2 of the trip:

Mode of travelling in Shillong and to Cheerapunji is only hiring a taxi, so be careful while deciding on the rates. We were fortunate enough to get a gentleman named Jaunise whom we hired for the next 5 days.

Please feel free to contact him on +91 9378185344.

Meghalaya is a land of waterfalls and I can never say which fall is the most beautiful.

Elephant Falls > Mawsynaram > Mawphlong Sacred Forest> Khasi Heritage Village

We all need a break from mundane and I believe nature along with best friends is the best combination for a memorable break. We did not have mobile network for most of the time while we were out and I could not be happier 😀

Mawsynaram, Known as the place which receives the highest rainfall, has some adventurous roads. We were unlucky to get any rain on the day but the beautiful way made up for it. Effects of global warming I guess!!Recently world’s longest cave has been discovered here but it was still not open for the visitors. You can check its status when you visit.

And while we were a little disappointed on not finding any rain in Mawsynaram, we were welcomed by rain at the Mawphlong Sacred Forest.

Day 3 of the trip:

Wakaba falls> Nohkalikai falls> Mawsmai caves> Seven Sisters Fall

Instead of daily transfer from Shillong to Cheerapunjee, we decided to stay in Cheerapunjee for a couple of days to explore the nearby places. Hence we checked out of Shillong and started for Cheerapunjee.

The scenic beauty in Meghalaya is breath taking and every view is worth capturing. There are numerous caves and falls to make your choice. Icing on the cake was our beautiful resort, Polo Orchid, located at 500 mts from the Seven sisters Fall.

My favorite of the day was Nohkalikai falls. It appears like a paradise when the clouds cover the waterfall and then slowly unveil it giving a mesmerizing view.

Light showers during the day, fresh oxygen filling up our lungs and nonstop talk about our lives was surreal.

The local cuisine of the place is Khasi food comprising of rice, daal, dry potato and chicken/pork with spicy green chilli chutney.

Do try this while you are exploring the amazing nature.

The amazing part about Meghalaya is that you really don’t have to check off the tourist sites. Every corner is scenic and a viewpoint in itself.

The remaining journey continues in my next post.

While you are in Meghalaya , you have to keep up with the sun!! It wants your day to start early and will bid you goodbye by 5 p.m. So the day needs to be planned accordingly.

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