The place that pops out the kid in you- Universal studios, Singapore

The place that pops out the kid in you- Universal studios, Singapore


It is another world when you swipe your card to the entrance of the theme based park, Universal studios when the beautiful music strikes your eardrums. Whether or not you have been on the roller coaster rides in years or not, it will be impossible to resist your adrenaline rush at this park.

The cute minions store and the various characters of the sesame street give you a warm welcome letting you decide which part of the park to explore first. I say first because covering the whole park in a day is impossible. Neither would you want to do so!!

The Mummy’s world welcomes you with statues of ancient Egypt and the goose bumps giving  ride which you will want to do again and again. With the beautifully established Jurassic park, the water ride takes you through a journey of the world of dinosaurs where you will be trapped and rescued. To pump up the adrenaline to the next level, you are given the responsibility of saving the planet in the form of Transformers and warriors in form of Battlestar Galactica: Dueling roller coaster rides. While the transformers is the best 4-D experience one can have, the dueling rides will definitely make your heart skip many beats!!! Experiencing it is knowing it 😀


To bring the beats to the normal rate, there are a number of relaxing beautiful rides and other entertainments in the park. The FAR FAR AWAY CASTLE will definitely give you the feeling of being in a fairyland  where Shrek tells you his story and the Live donkey shows the finest of digital puppetry. Puss In Boots’ Giant Journey is a beautiful ride to search for the golden eggs. To add to it, the theme based shows at the park give you a good refreshing time.


There is something designed in this park to serve every kind of kid in you- The warriors, the calm ones, the cartoon buddies, the action lovers,etc . If you want to take a break there are ample of places to eat and refresh yourself.

Some tips which can be useful for your visit at Universal Studios:

If you are visiting as a tourist and have only a day to experience the magic :

  • Prefer going on a weekday- shorter queues..more you can experience 🙂
  • Keep an entire day only for Universal Studios.
  • If you are the one looking for adrenaline rush, the rides that should have the priority on your list are : The Battlestar Galactica (take both the rides), Revenge of the Mummy, Jurassic park rapid adventures, Transformers ride.
  • If you are the one looking for a relaxed day , the rides that can make you happy are : Canopy Flyer(Jurassic park), Puss in Boots’ Giant Journey, Enchanted Airways,Madagascar ride.
  • Do not miss the Water show (it is only once in a day) and the light show .

If you are staying in Singapore for a longer time, please take a pass for 6-9 months which can be obtained by paying some extra dollars . It is totally worth it and you can have all the time to explore the place without having to make a list 🙂

Universal Studios is a place which one wants to visit again and again and never get enough of it. Much credit goes to the awesome management and the well established facilities which make the long wait in the queues and the trip worthwhile.


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