From the cubicle…


We call it the culture of corporate..
To be a part of it we have to pass some toll gates..
 Messaging each other when the desks are few steps apart
 The knack of writing complicated mails for simple talks.
We believe in keeping everything on mail
As rockets launch only when fire ignites the tail.
 We are multitaskers..we can shop and code at the same time..
 Knowing the dialogues to be delivered,we still sit with a smile 
at the appraisal time.
We spend more time in tracking than in actual work..
Excel is our favourite weapon,those complicated diagrams help
 in giving a jerk :P
 Our cubicle is our world for 9 hours a day..
 Favourite time pass of people is the screen next bay.
Our breaks are monitored as if we are robots coded to stare at screen..
The attitude needs a change to make the workplace clean.
 Ohh outside world..our salary slip is as normal as yours..
 Please stop staring at us like alien from Mars.
In spite of saying all this, I go back to that cubicle every morning 
because I am a part of the world called corporate..
I have passed toll gates to get the certificate :)


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