Music for you..Noise for them

The lights..The aura…The sparkling city
celebrations everywhere and the joy of festivity.

The preparations take their shape in form of smiles
The crackers, the music to express the happiness

oh wait! did I say the happiness of festivity
We might want to ponder again and think of its atrocity
your music is noise to them..
your enjoyment might be a pain for them..

They are the ones who love you more than the humans around you
Being sensitive to them is the least you can do

Even if you don’t own one please take care of them
They cannot close their ears but your crackers certainly can

The ones who crib about clean air are the ones polluting it..
Lift your head up and see..we are the ones inhaling it.

A day festivity should not ruin the days to come
lets clear the noise and the smoke for more joys to come.

It’s an occasion for everyone to celebrate
While we sit at home, there are many who clear the mess we create.
your way of celebration is extra work for them
your enjoyment might be a pain for them.

Let the music be music for everyone
let the festivity be enjoyed by everyone.

The lights ..the aura ..the sparkling city..
let the celebrations glorify festivity

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