The HE-SHE relationship

It all started with the spark of friendship..which bloomed into a beautiful relationship.

She was so pretty to him in everything she did..And he was her hero always on her mind.

They were in love with each other’s imperfections..

Because that is what makes an individual different from others.

Friends were like angels as they helped them get hang of each others madness…

But as time started advancing..Arguments started poking the walls of their fencing.

Imperfections which were loved were now not pleasing..Giving time to those angel friends was now impleading.

Giving time to each other was no more a matter of joy..It seemed more of a compulsion..failing which there was war and cry!!

To all those looking to spend life together..Consider yourself blessed to have someone to look to in wonder..

By creating a wall of objections you are limiting the personality..It is no more the person you started loving for individuality.

There were and will be friends and others in life..Don’t forget there were there to save you in situations of neck on knife..

There is a thin line between caring and intruding..Be careful and take this as a friendly warning 🙂

Let that spark of friendship always be alive…

HE-SHE relationship is best bloomed when understanding fills life..





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