Some questions in air

The frequency and ease of air travel has certainly made our lives so easy. You don’t have to worry about planning trip to any place across the world.

With more number of people using airlines, comes into picture the etiquettes of traveling and with this comes the matter for bloggers to pen down 😛

With all  due respect to the flyers,there have been consistent questions in my mind for which I am still looking out for answers.

  • What is the need of queuing up for boarding long before the boarding announcement?– Believe me once you have the boarding pass, airlines will give you enough chances to board the flight.
  • The attitude as if this is the moment when all the work needs to be finished on calls?– If you are being told to switch off the mobiles repeatedly, there is a reason. The mobile phones are on your disposal once the plane lands 😀
  • All the reading stuff you are carrying has to be finished off in that one minute of take off when the cabin lights are dim for take off?– Rather sit back and feel that moment of leaving the land and soaring high!!
  • Coming from a comparatively higher temperature outside the plane, why do we have to fight with AC regulators while take off?— Its just about few seconds. Have peace 🙂
  • Why to we have to spring up from our seats as soon as the aircraft touches down?…until the doors are opened you cannot jump from the aircraft. SO why to give the pain to your legs!! The aircraft will not fly again without all the passengers alighting.

Feel free to share answers if you have any and also add if you have some funny experiences 🙂

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  1. haha 😀 I like it. All these things we keep observing every time we fly n queuing up is the best of all :D:P. Very nice ldkii :* :*

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