Dear Society..

Dearest well-wisher society..

Did you recognize me? Oh yes..I am one of those souls whom you know so well..what is good ..what is bad..what is best for my life..You judge it so quick!!
I am one in the crowd whose majority of the life gets determined by what will seem good to you and what will not.
I am so sorry that in spite of you caring so much for me, I don’t care about you at all, because when I fell you never gave a hand..
When I accomplished something, you never patted my back.. you never multiplied my joys.

But my surroundings are bound to you..Most of the decisions are taken or not allowed to be taken because “Society will not accept this”
And I absolutely fail to understand your knack of CARING about so many people at once!!How do you decide so quickly about my future when I do not get outstanding marks at school, when I do not get the highest package in college, when I could not crack that B-school entrance, when I turn 25, when I want to marry someone who doesn’t fit in “Your criteria”. How do you cater to so many people and that too with the same negative thoughts everytime?

Isn’t it all about me and my life? I know who are in my important circle of life and you fit nowhere into it.

Nevertheless, if you cannot do without getting a space in my life, come inside with some positive vibes because you have no idea about my likes, short my life…While your positive vibes may not do any good to me,your negative pole affects my surroundings.

So dear SOCIETY..If you can decide my course of life without knowing anything about me..You are smart enough to understand who is the best sailor of my life!!
So why waste your precious time in drawing a map for my Life.
Thanks for your time.

A simple soul who wants to live a simple life

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