I am a socially connected soul..


I am a socially connected soul through the network called web..
so stuck in the web that I have time to wish on the fb but birthday calls are a rare gesture now..
I can peek in through everyone’s life on the network, but I am totally unaware of the bad phase a friend might be going through..
I will cry my life out on web..I have time to comment,like,check in but I dont bother to talk it out with people around me.
Yes I am a socially connected soul with hundreds of friends on my list, but I dont have time to meet the ones living in the same city.
I am the happiest soul on earth as per my profile but really m I?
Or is the life so bad as I project it to be via my homepage?

I tell everybody where m I eating,walking, sipping a coffee..but does anyone care? In race of being virtually connected,I have lost the connection with the poeple I eat,walk and sip coffee.

I am not against technology but the way we are addicted to it..so glued to it that we consider it a sin to even miss a bit of it.
The technology has tied me with the world on scroll of my thumb and click of my fingers, but dragged me away from real life joy experiences..

There was a time I clicked pictures to create memories.now I click pictures and make videos to make it a part of my web..the social web where sometimes profile pictures are in trend sometime selfies.

I am pleased by the virtual empathy, the virtual love and the virtual care..I am a socially connected soul where the real life gestures have become rare…

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