A quick getaway-Malacca

A quick getaway-Malacca

Looking for a destination to pack your bags for a weekend trip- Malacca should be on your list. Getting there from Singapore is extremely easy- Just catch a bus from Kranji to JB and then a direct bus to Malacca. The buses are extremely comfortable to make the journey pleasant.

Most of the buses stop at Malacca central. Make sure to choose a time of travel so that you reach Malacca before night as the taxis charge you a fortune as compared to the local buses.  Malacca is a perfect blend of visually gratifying historical and tourist places and finger licking food.

This place has the most beautiful museums I have seen till now- You just have to get down Bandar Hill and you can explore the majority of Malacca from here.. on foot or rickshaw. All the museums are lined up close to each other where each has its peculiarity. The one which caught my attention was Melaka Sultanate Palace, beautifully depicting the culture.


Other places to see nearby are A’Famosa where you can stop by to hear some jolly music and interesting paintings being created by artists( otherwise nothing to see here) ,Christ church,St.Paul’s Church, Sadhutys.

Two Things  not be missed while you are in Malacca are- River Cruise and Jonker Street..River Cruise is experiencing is knowing the beauty…The best time to go for the cruise is at sunset. The walls covered with the different artistic ideas,the beautiful bridges crossing over the river, the lights making their reflection in the water, the cool breeze… makes the evening worth it. After the cruise you can sit by the river and engross the beauty with a cup of coffee in the cafe of your choice.

After an amazing cruise you can walk straight to Jonker Street and be ready to shop till you drop and eat non-stop. Jonker gets life as the sun sets and as the amazingly vibrant and creative rickshaws fill the air with their pumping beats.. These are one of its kind rickshaws you will see.They charge exorbitant for a small distance but the experience is one of its kind. The decoration of each rickshaw is unique.


If you are a foodie a must try are Nyonya delicacies at Jonker street, one must go restaurant is Nancy’s kitchen. Their Special chicken with rice is finger licking. Note: You have to reach here before 9 p.m . The place is crowded and the food gets finished quickly. Calanthene Art Cafe is another place which will leave its impression on you- A must go place for Coffee lovers where you can get coffee from 13 states of Malaysia. Along with coffee one must try dish here is Laksa. The interior of the Cafe is one of its kind. Simply amazing!!

A famous dish of Malacca is Asam Pedas- Fish in curry of vegetables-ladyfinger and tomato..it is boiled for quite a time and served hot with rice. Spicy and tasty!!

Jonker street has a variety of dishes to offer- fried dumplings, fried ice cream( must must try)- I can bet you can never stop at one..satay, tarts, cendol ice cream, Nyonya cakes.

Jonker Street has lot and lot of food variety to offer..you just have to explore and enjoy the taste of Malacca. It is a heaven for foodies. If not for anything else, one can travel to Malacca just to give pep  to the taste buds 😀

P.S- Do not rely on the public transport of Malacca at night, the buses stop their service quite early in the evening. It is recommended to arrange for a pick up from hotel .

Do not forget your toothpaste while traveling to Malacca assuming that the hotel service will provide it 😛

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