Untitled Confidence

Struggling to de tangle our own net of confusions and madness, we less than often look around to realize that someone might just be waiting for our infusion of confidence in them. May be just a word of boost or appreciation would get them going…not may be to become some tycoon but just to take up the things again that gave them happiness..a sense of individuality..The joy of doing something they were good at but later gave them all up for you and me so that we can take up the things that give us sense of achievement.

For some days I had the opportunity to witness closely some magical creativity blooming again which had taken a backseat with time. The creativity that amused me…the quilling art transforming simple piece of paper into beautiful cards…each card taking utmost precision and hard work .

Each card taking a day to complete..The careful cutting of paper into shapes, then the quilling work, and neatly designing the card. Each card unique and different… And all this work had no thoughts of earning anything out of it..it had just one feeling – tingling the nerves of self confidence!! I watched it closely, and with every card that came out, I saw the confidence rising…The smile widening 😀



So..appreciate and put your confidence into others because a person’s greatest emotional need is to feel appreciated

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