The Lion City…Singapore

The Lion City…Singapore

With bags loaded with excitement, my boarding pass stamped with immigration check, I boarded my flight to Singapore. Covering a distance of almost 3906 km, crossing Indian Ocean, I landed in the Lion City-Singapore.

An unknown country which did not feel like unknown because of the helping and welcoming people to help and guide at any point of doubt at the airport. The trait of following rules gets attached to you the moment you land in this country . From the immigration checks to the drivers dropping you to your address- Everything is systematic!!
From the beautiful clean roads to the techno savvy taxis, everything is an experience here- surely a memorable one. On the third day of my arrival I realized something had been missing- and That was NOISE and the honking on the roads. While talking to a taxi driver, I asked him- “why doesn’t anyone blow horn here” And his reply was as simple as that “everyone knows their rules of driving, So there is no need of honking” 🙂
Here there is no requirement of stopping the taxis and asking if they are ready to go to your place. The sign boards flashing on the top of taxis- Available, Busy/Hired and On Call automatically let you know the status. Interesting!! Isn’t it?

Holding various beautiful cultures in itself, this place offers a variety in all aspects..ranging from shopping at Bugis to treating the taste buds with variety of cuisines.

Surely I do not miss my place as we have Little India here as well- ranging from the spices to everything that you need to satisfy your “missing home” emotion is available here…Excluding the home of course 🙂

Heard about this about it..and now its time to put on the shoes 😀

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