The lady with all the superpowers…


I am sure when God was creating MOTHERS he put all his superpowers into her…While I was a kid, I did not notice her efforts put in for waking up early morning, , taking care of everybody’s wish list and making the mess again n again into a home and so many things which we don’t bother to count in.

But time teaches it all and it was once I was out of the cocoon of the house protected by “24*7 ON THE TOES” mom. I realized how impossible it is to wake up early when you have already slept late , how boring it is to repeat the same mundane tasks for a week let years a big deal!!! And that too without being paid!! We switch our jobs to get a new work environment, a better pay and new assignments but this lady in our life has been working for us day and night without any change in assignments with increasing responsibilities in the same environment. Imagine doing the same job 20 yrs down the line. I am sure none of us would like to imagine that!!

There is one person in the universe who works without any demands, any complaints, any holidays, any compo offs-Yes it is the golden lady embracing the superpowers-It’s your MOM. . There are so many words to describe her yet so less to describe her completely.

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Ever wondered how does she manage everything? Ever gave a thought how difficult it is to be confidante   when you have to go to parties? Ever pondered over if she feels alone and bored of doing the same stuff over and over again?

Yes she does feel alone . Yes she also wishes to try out new things, learn to play some instruments, make friends and so much more. Yes she wants to do something along with her daily chores.

She has done her duty for years .Now it’s our turn to hold her hand and let her experience the fresh air. As important it is for us to party and refresh ourselves so it is for her to go out and let her mind fly for herself as well. She will never say it but we have to understand that she also needs to be listened to and understood patiently. It is our responsibility to take care of the most precious creation of God.

So next time you complain about less salt in food, remember she is the one who fed you for years. Next time you feel like telling her she is not techno savvy, take a moment to realize she is the one who made you literate. Next time you tell her she is not happening, remember she gave you all the dressing sense to be happening!!! You are the being today because of her sleepless nights and unmatchable efforts put in. Hold her hand and be friends with her, listen to her, APPRECIATE her and let her be herself,because that’s the least we can do for her.

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