10 most common dialogues of Indian shoppers

Shopping is an inevitable part of our lives. Regardless of the boundaries and varied nature of people, the shoppers have some stereotypical dialogues. Here are some dialogues that you must have used in your shopper avatar:

1)We swear on buying always from your place: “Bhaiya hamesha hi aapke yaha se lete hain”.

2) Testing and trial is always on the agenda: “Bhaiya isko side mein rakh do,vapas aa ke lete hain.”

3) “Reasonable laga dena, bolne ki zarurat na pade.”

4) “Abhi to itna rakh lo, baaki ka baad mein adjust kar lena.”

5) “Itta sara liya hai, kuch toh discount do.”

6) “Kuch alag sa dikhao, in sab se different.”

7) “Bhaiya itte hi paise hain..itte mein hi de do.”

8) “Warranty tak to theek hai, uske baad kya??”

9) “Itni door se aaye hain, kuch to kam karo.”


10) Whole figures are good to see on the bills: “Na aapki na meri, chalo round figure kar lo.”

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