I owe it to them..


When God wants to test it, he tests it his way.. Sailing through a bad phase at workplace, broken down by the health issues, frustrated to the level of quitting my job, I just packed my bags and came home.

I never knew the worst of the pain would bless me with some of the most cherish able and precious moments. Yes when God gives pain, he also gives the strength to overcome it. It turned me into a stronger person with lot of endurance and my people helped me sail through it.

Whilst in the outside world  everybody is fighting in some or the other way, too busy to manage their own lives, some ever smiling faces and ever embracing arms come to you that makes you feel alive 🙂 Ever supporting and encouraging parents, ready to run for you anywhere and anytime gives you the strength to stand up again. I never understood what kind of genes god manufactured them with 🙂 Some magical superpowers they have!!!

True friends are hard to find and if you have them, you have a treasure of life. Blessed with true friends with whom distance never mattered, even after meeting after 3 long years, everything seemed so fresh. The sleepless sleepovers bringing over all the old good memories reminded me that shit happens in life but then there are always buddies to share it !!. Having gems in life who hear the same story from you but never get irritated let out all the garbage. And they just did not hear it, they listened and listened patiently.

When you have a terrible and dull working environment, a true buddy at the workplace to always keep you up and give you the push that everything is going to be alright, restores the belief that there are genuine people around.

Children are angles..and the younger, more is the beauty of experiencing life with them. I had an opportunity to stay with 2 little angels- a 3 year old electrifying young champ and a 2 months old little princess. Little princess giving you that incomparable smile the moment you see her, made the life so beautiful. The little champ always full of energy made me think there is so much in life to explore.. Their never ending alien stories and the longgg list of to-do(although it changes every 5 minutes) filled the air with life. Engaging with them the whole day soothed my nerves more than the chemicals could.

And after a journey I am back.. still recovering ..but with the immense strength of all the nicest of the people in my life. I Owe it all to them because words will never be enough to thank them.

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