Some traits which changed would make the world a happier place

Before I start putting  down my thoughts, GIRLS I am no sexist!! Yes i am referring to girls because this post is about them and for them 😛 Undoubtedly God’s most beautiful creation is Women but somehow majority of the personalities have these genes inculcated into them which I believe is not appreciated by most of us.

  • God did not send you as an accountant on the planet: Stop keeping the accounts of every single penny that your room mate owes to you for that ice cream that you had or the bus fare that you paid.While you are busy thinking about the small amounts pending, you are missing out on small joys of life.images (2)
  • There is a difference between carrying yourself smartly and obliging the whole make up industry: Smart girls are smart enough to understand this.
  • Shopping is not the only thing in the world: Yes dressing smartly is very important, but believe me the world has lot of other exciting and worth stuff to offer. For that you will have to step out of the shopping zone and go in an adventure (1)
  • A quality called understanding is good to have: I read somewhere life is not a bed of roses;it is certainly not. And you sure must be a princess at home but once you are out of your cocoon learn to develop understanding
    The sooner this gene is inculcated, the happier the life.
  • Don’t backbite;you ll be bitten back: There are a lot of interesting events happening around in the world as compared to talking about that something which some body told you and told you not to tell anyone else. Talk about some better stuff!!


  • A clear yes/no is best: Please do not beat around the bush. say a clear yes or no!!! it makes things better and saves time 😛

    Small changes pay a lot!! 😀  images (3)


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