Some unnoticed noticeable bloopers in communication

At times we make certain mistakes in verbal communication.We might not notice them but they do not go unnoticed!! Did you use the words like ‘Hairs’,’Childrens’ ever while communicating??? Yes those are exactly the bloopers I am talking about. Now since we have been committing blunders for so not any more 🙂

  • Hairs:  Hair takes “hair” as both its singular and plural form. HAIRS doesn’t exist. So next time you wish to appreciate someone’s locks…”Your hair is beautiful”.
  • Did not+third form: this is the most common mistake most of us commit. Did is always associated with the first form of verb. For example- Incorrect-He did not came to the party.Correct- He did not come to the party.
  • Childrens: See even the editor gives it a red line!!! Children is in itself the plural form of child so lets not overload it by adding an extra ‘s’ to it.
  • Xerox: Have you always been saying-You want xerox of document?? For information Xerox is a company that supplies photocopiers. So the correct usage would be- I want two photocopies of the document.
  • Cousin brother/sister-” He is my cousin brother”. English language doesn’t contain a separation for  male/female cousins. So the correct use would be He is my cousin.
  • Myself ABC- While introducing yourself please say “I am ABC” or “My name is ABC”. Please do not say ‘Myself ABC”. It is incorrect.
  • Repeat again/Return back- Often we hear statements like- Repeat again and return back. This is redundant usage as repeat and return themselves mean ‘to say again’ and ‘give back’ respectively.


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  1. ’tis was due for a long time…..and the list just goes on….’i’m loving it;’ is incorrect, it’s ‘just deserts’ not ‘just desserts’ and the most popular one….Mr. Rahul Gandhi is grammatically incorrect, it’s either ‘Mr. Gandhi’ or ‘Rahul Gandhi’, (sic)…..

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