Mouth watering delicacies at eye popping prices

I happened to stay in the state of hospitality,Punjab,at Madhopur ,a place at the border of Punjab and Jammu.
Had heard of the hospitality of Punjab and when I experienced such an amazing hospitality served at amazing prices ,it left my eyes wide open for all the more reasons that I hail from Bengaluru where being used to every commodity being overpriced gels in your genes and spending a grand on food looks pretty normal :P.
The dishes here stand up to their name- if you order DAAL MAKHANI, you would see a quarter cube of butter floating into it..

Butter naan actually means that that the naan would be soaked into butter and this all can be expected at a price range of Rs 20-30. 

You can find delicious,hot,fresh samosas at Rs5!!! Wondering how much have you been for the same at CCD?? 😛
My eyes popped out when i had a mouth watering burger at Rs10 which was 10 times better than any branded burger.
No offence to any brands, but these are the best tastes i have offered to my appetite.

A lot more to try…if you have to witness amazing hospitality..Punjab is a must visit and if you are a foodie put it on the top of your bucket list..

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