The takeaways from Mumbaikars

The takeaways from Mumbaikars

Every time I visit Mumbai, I see various  colors… you have to be there to experience the wonderful vibes 🙂 🙂


  • Smileeeeee : Whether it is the scorching humidity or the daily jam packed travelling of locals,majority of mumbaikars are always seen smiling. Exceptions are of course always there 😛
  • No Matter how busy life is, you can always take out time for yourself: You will never find the sea side of Mumbai only with their tides,people are always there to give company.

  • Happy to welcome everyone: No matter from which part of the world you travel to Mumbai, you can be rest assured you will be warmly embraced.
  • There is nothing called “Odd Time”: Heard Mumbai never sleeps?? You have to be there to experience it!! and believe me you will love it.
  • A queue makes it all easy- crowded? in a hurry? doesn’t matter.. you will find queues everywhere and they will vanish in no time and its sorted!!
  • Time and train really waits for none– You want to learn punctuality? nothing better than the locals for that matter..Like it or not..The locals automatically tune you to punctuality.

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