What have we been missing out in life in a metro???

I guess most of us would have the answer to this question as- peace,the fresh air,etc etc.
Undoubtedly,metro life introduces a wider horizon of life, but we miss out on the little spices of life..

  • Bargaining with the sabziwala: The go-pick-pay culture of the metros certainly devoids us of exploring our bargaining talent 😛
  • Fun in Sand: I am sure all of us at some point of time would have constructed small houses of sands and returned home with sand decorated clothes 🙂
    Life in metro doesn’t give chance for that.
  • Exchange of dishes amongst neighbors: In metros we don’t have the time to cook for ourselves, forget about the exchange of tastes.
  • Keep this aside for me, I will come back: Convincing the shopkeeper to take out the whole lot of his shop and then saying “Please keep this aside for me, i will come back”. How often do you get a chance to perform this act while shopping in a mall :P?There may be many such more spicy fingers that we have been missing in our fast running lives…please feel free to add on…

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