5 dont’s in a long distance relationship

I believe the ones reading this are already in a relationship…if not, get into one 😀
I have seen around, whilst most of the couples staying in the same place sail through the relation swiftly,
the ones miles away go through a bumpy road and crash ultimately.
Many of us know the do’s to keep a relation intact, but at times you might do the don’ts and get into a relationship crisis.

  • Don’t push your partner to meet every now and thenThere is strong purpose for which the other person is away.Have patience. It will pay off.
  • Don’t say too much of miss yousobviously you do miss him/her being around, but saying that time and again will make it difficult for both of you. Instead try to reduce the distance by giving strength to your partner.


  • Don’t try to snatch the spacethough it applies to all the relations despite of the distance, long distance relations demand more trust.
    Let your partner enjoy the time and you also take the pleasure of the same.
  • Don’t try to be a detective/trackerTrust your partner. Don’t expect them to give the time and coordinates of every movement. he/she will update you if and when required.Image
  • Do not boil togetherThis one is critical!!!make sure when one of you is red, the other should be calm.

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