did you do it today?

While you and I sip the coffee, the nerves of my brain tickle me with a question-How often do we appreciate the people for little yet important things they do for us??

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I am sure we appreciate our girlfriend/boyfriend pretty often(quite essential for smooth relationship,right ;)) , but how often do we appreciate our friends and tell them how beautiful they make our life…

We do thank our boss,clients(mostly unwillingly :P) , but we often miss on appreciating the efforts and pain our parents, siblings or our driver,maid, milkman and numerous people take for us everyday. Believe me…Appreciation works wonders and every soul craves for it!!! Its just a matter of curving your lips,giving a bright smile and appreciating sincerely. five minutes of your genuine appreciation can brighten up someone’s day…

The best thing about appreciation is..it is VIRAL..you give it to somebody and that somebody automatically gets triggered to appreciate someone else.

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So while you sit back and sip your coffee everyday..just ask yourself….Did you appreciate some one today ??

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